Brook was founded by outreach teams from Liverpool in 1939.  Meetings were held in hired rooms in Runcorn Old Town.

In 1958 land on Boston Avenue was purchased, a temporary wooden building was erected.  The present day building was built in 1970, concurrently thirty members established a congregation in Frodsham, this is now called Main Street Chapel.  By 1983 another church was planted in Murdishaw called Vale Chapel both these planted churches are organisationally independent of Brook Chapel.

Chronological timetable

1939        Outreach in Runcorn by Christians from Liverpool.

This was Held in Devonshire Square led by Mr & Mrs Olver (he was a draughtsman at ICI)

World War 2

1945        Meetings were held in the Liberal Club in Regent St

1949        Open-air meetings started.

This was carried out by Mr Olver and Lyn Fallows (who worked in the tannery).

1950’s     During this time land was purchased in Boston Avenue.

Mr & Mrs Fallows continued the work helped by Alan & Mary Bachelor.  Ron Newby and Dilys Baldwin were members of the Sunday School.

1958       A Wooden hut was erected by Alan West, congregation established.

1960’s     The Bachelors left Runcorn, Church Leaders were; Sid Hoole, Doug Willis, Lyn Fallows & Tony Bull. Later Mr & Mrs Damon joined the leadership.

1970        New Building was erected.  Built through prayer and donations, this is the present day Chapel.

Today: The current leadership team are Frank Wilding, Pete Tirrell and Jonathan Beavon.